March 13, 2005

Alice wanders

First to London -- twice as expensive as my home, courtesy of the weakened, barely breathing dollar-- where the newspapers are trying to blame my college classmate (the woman who caused the home secretary, fascist that he was, to resign) for future terrorist acts.

How anyone could have been so seduced by that woman to neglect a job so thoroughly is beyond me, but, hey, I'm American, and there may be an explanation for the British, but I've lost the one I used to have, thirty years ago when I first came here. And it looks like he may be making a political comeback.

Reports here have it that my classmate's second child is of mixed-race parentage, and it has been confirmed that the minister is the biological father of her first child. If I were her, I'd be shopping for a new continent. I still don't understand why husband #2, putative father of both children, considers them a family.

Tonight, I'm off to South Africa (a country whose apartheid policies I used to protest) and then Botswana, on safari. I expect not to blog, hope not to touch a computer, hope not to be dinner for the wild kingdom. (Where is Marlin Perkins when you need him?)

Return is scheduled for two weeks hence.



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