September 01, 2005

Water, water everywhere...

And a president who decides, gee, maybe I can cut two days off my vacation to pretend I give a damn. This is when to call out the National Guard, not when you want some extra boys blowing up things in places they didn't sign up to go to and have no reason to be there.

I am angry. And I am sad. I've been through a category 4 hurricane, and I got off lightly -- in one piece, with only a 3 or 4 day lag in eating real foodstuffs and getting home, and with enough cigarettes and meds to tide me over.

New Orleans didn't get enough funding from the Feds to prepare properly for this disaster. Why? Apparently the money went to Iraq instead.

My cousin was supposed to start at Tulane this fall, and while postponing college for a semester is a minor point -- she and her family did manage to get out of town and head back to Philadelphia, where her mom awaits a mascectomy, her dad has prostate cancer and her grandfather may have a brain tumor, to put things in a really crappy perspective -- it was the one thing that family had to look forward to.

And Bush the dumber couldn't manage to protect the country -- red state or not -- which his job description suggests he was supposed to -- because he was off playing hee-haw in Texas and sending massive amounts of money and people to a country that doesn't want us, didn't invite us, and has now cost us a major piece of American history.

What a legacy that will be.


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