February 28, 2008

10 days in customer "care" hell

Let me be brief here: I called HP tech support, and under their guidance, I blew up my laptop. It was having problems connecting to the Internet, but it was, until this phone call, working. The tech guy said, press f8 and control, or something to that effect, and the laptop was dead. Gotta love that outsourcing.

Six repeat-your-serial-number-and-all-personal-data (short of the results of my last Pap test) later calls and 2 sets of disks later, after about 10 emails and promises made and not kept, and a "case manager" who telephoned me and made the mistake of giving me his name and telephone number, with an extension, but oddly enough, no email address, I got the laptop to work again.

As for HP and its "tech support" system, caveat emptor.


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