September 18, 2011

Alice doesn't blog here anymore

Alas, it seems that Alice is on permanent hiatus. She hasn't blogged in so long, she's not sure she remembers how, or whether she has anything to say that she hasn't said since 2004. Still, she is available. If you'd like to Go Ask Alice, email her at alice.uptown @

P.S. She misses the days before Facebook, before blogs carried more ads than Alice has shoes, back in the day when blogs flourished and bloggers were a cult unto themselves, a group of people who knew how to express themselves without taking a Learning Annex-type class for an education they continue to lack. Those days are gone, and for that, Alice is sad.

Still, the blog will remain in cyberspace for now. Given Google's propensity for swallowing information, Alice suspects that should she remove the blog, someone would find it somewhere regardless.

Alice is sitting at her computer, waving good-bye to any notion of privacy or civil rights as she once knew them. She is not a happy camper. All her blogging friends have ceased writing, and while she wishes everyone well, she wishes her former peeps would express themselves in more than 10 words of a status update on Facebook, the final nail in the American productivity coffin.

Also, if you tweet her, Alice will neither notice nor care. She has no plans to reduce her life to 140 characters, nor does she need to hear about yours so concisely. Email is quite enough, thank you. Texting is a horror. Alice would prefer to pick up the damn phone, if only her landline company were capable of repairing the line so that the hard-wired phone didn't drop calls.

Communication used to be so much simpler, more direct, and took place in full sentences. Alice hopes she will make it through with fragments.


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