December 14, 2004

Where would Santa be without cable?

While I have a limited interest in Christmas on TV, it seems there isn't a network or two-tin-cans-strung-together-with-rope connection that isn't offering far more heartwarming, festive cheer than I can stomach. Plus, interference with my regularly scheduled programming doesn't add to my spirits.

I've actually finished exercising the demands on my disposable income, wrapped them up and sent them on their way, with the exception of gifts that will arrive where I will be spending the holiday. I'll be wrapping them in Maine and hoping for snow (not here, there). Fortunately, most of the purchasing was done from the comfort of my own ergonomic chair.

We may be cursed with Santa's having an identity crisis, seeing himself coming and going every ten minutes on commercials or TV programs, movies, the sidewalk, stores, etc., but one thing I will say for technology: the old Yellow Pages slogan, "let your fingers do the walking" has never been more apt. One click, and your gift is on its way.

When holiday cards start signing and addressing themselves, I will really celebrate. As an independent consultant, I need to send cards to everyone with whom I do business. My friends know me better -- I don't get many of those once-a-year keep-in-touch cards. If I care about someone, I care about them year-round.

Christmas used to be fun. Then again, I used to be ten years old.


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