January 12, 2005

The Logic Lady take a hiatus

The Logic Lady (tm) tries to make sense of the world, to have it flow in some orderly fashion that does not leave her shaking her head and swearing. (An 18-wheel truck driver speaks like an Englishwoman by comparison.)

Today, among her errors, she a) tried to add an HTML link to her blog without proper instuction, an area in which she has already demonstrated incompetence; b) placed yet another call to consolidate her IRA under one account number at the same company, the third such failed attempt in six months; could not retrieve an itemized bill from her long-distance provider, aka Tin Cup & String; and d) pondered attempting to make her bank correct a payment error on their part that could result in being billed for late payment by her insurance company.

She quit before d. Instead, she went for a massage, took her medication, vaguely ate dinner, fed the off-White Rabbit (three times), set the answering machine so she wouldn't have to answer calls, and crawled into bed, all tuckered out.

Among the calls I did field (shift back to first person noted) was one from my mother, safely recovered from surgery. (Mom's facial rejuvenation shook the Logic Lady's synaptic connections more than her mother's. Then again, the Logic Lady easily unravels. This is why she hates politicians, and most political acts, especially those designed to deprive her of more privacy and civil rights.)

Mom is counting the days until she can quit the antibiotics and start pouring the Dewars again. Now that is the mother I know and love.

The Logic Lady hopes tomorrow will be another, more restful, day.


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