October 08, 2005

"Attack Planned to Happen Tomorrow"

True story: NYC is under another "terrorist alert," which may or may not have some coincidence with a)Bloomberg declining to debate at a mayoral candidate forum in Harlem and/or b)Bush wanting to draw attention away from the debacle that is visible as his inability to function as an HR department head.

The headline is what the 24-hour local news is reporting. I'm wondering how you can call "news" what hasn't happened yet. Planned for tomorrow, indeed.

Bloomberg may also have wanted to avoid calling attention to the fact that NYC homeowners got a $400 tax rebate check within 5 weeks of election day. Hey, we may all have a price, but this check falls on the contempt side of the ledger. If he really wants to buy my vote, he would have tacked a few more zeros onto the amount received.

Considering Bloomberg is supposed to be a business whiz, how is it that he failed so totally in his projections that he felt compelled to raise real estate taxes 18% overnight, thus collecting far more money than the city budget needed.

We've gotten 2 annual rebates thus far, but it's hard to get excited about getting money back when the only reason for it is that someone taxed us too highly to start with.

Back to Bush junior (where you lead, I won't follow). When I started working, HR was known as "personnel." Somewhere in there it got rechristened "human resources," after some expensive consultants decided it made people in that field have more dignity, if not more cash.

It did not, from my perspective, improve their grasp of the field, their intellectual capacities, or their ability to perceive troubled corporate souls (oxymoron?), and act on that before the rent-a-cop department known as "security" needed to call in reinforcements.

As an outsider, it seems these are the people in charge of screwing over the most employees in the area of benefits -- decent health insurance, some chance at having decent options in a retirement plan, denying full coverage to pregnant women who might need more than four weeks off after giving birth.

Well, if the job description is "screwing people over," then I have underestimated Bush junior. It is, perhaps, his strongest skill (see Gulf Coast hurricanes and federal response to; or nominations to the Supreme Court, lack of need for experience), among his more recent faux pas.

I'm surprised the man's foot isn't coming out of his pants, considering the number of times he has ingested it in his mouth. Surely he has swallowed it on more than one occasion?


Blogger The Misanthrope said...

I so agree with your take of HR people, and the serfs they deal with are the human capital. I don't make this stuff up.

And, just one correction on the word usage, it's misunderestimate in Bush Jr. terms.

11:24 PM  
Blogger Janet said...

I have a sinking suspicion that if we knew about EVERY terrorist threat we would realize there are actually a lot more of them than we imagine.

11:33 PM  

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