March 29, 2007

Way down here, you need a reason to move...

Lose your load,
Leave your mind behind....
Oh, Mexico....
the sounds so sweet, with the sun sinking low
the moon so bright like to light up the night, make everything all right....

This is Alice's fondest hope. Somewhere that she can make everything, or at least herself, all right. If not this week, perhaps next. For the next decade, she has two weeks every March in Cabos to make everything all right, or at least, not have to pay attention to what is not all right, with her or the world.

She had a good week in Mexico, swimming and sunning and talking and eating and only checking in with her email to discover her account -- not the alice, uptown account, but her hard-core business account -- had been declared irretrievably dead by her ISP.

That made everything not-so-all-right: when Alice returned, she had to change her email address in 20 places, plus an omnibus e-mail that she's not sure her friends have all received. Simultaneously, her American Express card was expiring, meaning another round of telephone calls. Alice didn't realize until the other day how she was her AmEx card; her AmEx card was her. It is how she tracks spending on damn near everything.

(As a financial planner, Alice thinks it an unwise strategy, citing statistics that people who are cash-only spend 70 percent to 80 percent of what charge-diva Alice puts out. This is justified by the fact that at least Alice knows where the money goes, that it's not $100 out at the cash machine melted by half by the time she reaches home.)

The town is tourist-central, but 10 kilometers out, where Alice will be sojourning, the stillness is palpable. Alice can see entire constellations from her terrace, vs. the one or two stars visible from her home in Wonderland. She is looking forward to her return to Mexico, to leaving the world behind, in particular the part of it wedged in her mind, and having to seek a reason to move. She can't wait.

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