April 10, 2007

Paypal is not my friend

So, yesterday I attempted to purchase something I had "won" on ebay. I pressed "pay" as I usually do, entered my password at Paypal.com, and was then rejected. I had surpassed the dollar amount in charges Paypal allows without a "verified" bank account.

Paypal's winning number is $2,000 -- over the life of the account. I can't say I wasn't pleased to know that it took me a full 5 years to hit $2,000 -- I thought I'd pissed away a lot more on insomniac ebay purchases, but Paypal's customer service people give new credence to my theory that when you think you've met the stupidest person on earth, another one is just about ready to come along.

(One exception: these reps are brighter than my health insurance provider's, who never fails to send a check to my doctor after I have specifically told them to send it to me.)

One might think Paypal would consider me a good customer: they have never received a penny late on anything I have owed them; my ebay sellers love me; and my available credit far exceeds their $2,000 limit. But no: to continue to do business with them -- basically the only, or the biggest -- game in town, they wanted more information from me.

Specifically, they wanted my bank account number. I pointed out to the representative that having a bank account didn't make me a major player in the credit sweepstakes. For all they knew, I could have 4 cents in my account, and that would be sufficient for Paypal to lift my spending limit to eternity.

Should I make any further purchases using Paypal, I will now have to specify if I want to pay from my bank account or charge to my Paypal account. In other words, for the privilege of being a good customer, I will have to go through an extra step to process my transactions.

I suggested that adding a second step to my paying them was not generally considered a good business model. I suggested this more than once: to the initial customer service rep, who cut me off; the subsequent rep, who was dumb as dirt, and to the supervisor -- who said, I'm just following orders, ma'am. We know what road that leads to.

Just to stop arguing with some powerless peon given the title "supervisor," I relented, and typed in a bank account number, truly resenting the Paypal policy of how to treat good customers as I did. It makes me think people in general must not be very bright if they accept this policy as reward for being a prompt-paying customer (who also knows that $2,000 in 2007 doesn't buy you nearly as much as $2,000 in 2002 did: hello, inflation? Recognize it?).

So it seems only reasonable for pay-us-now to delete the word "pal" from their service. Because any pal of theirs is no friend of mine.

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I just go to Craig's list it's so much easier for me.

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